Coach Oliver


OLIVER MESSERLI, a native of South Africa, has been training athletes for 22 years, is the founder/CEO of TENNISPOWER and POWERTRAINER and has been in the International Professional Tennis Arena for 16 years. He competed on the ATP Tour, and coached, trained and has traveled with many players on the ATP and WTA Tour who all achieved greatness at the highest professional level through his guidance and world class training systems.

In the last 6 months Oliver Messerli has taken Jason Jung (one of the top 15 US men’s players on the Tour) from an ATP ranking of 314 to 194.
During his time on the WTA Tour, Oliver helped his clients win a total of 4 Grand Slam Titles, 15 Tier 1 or 2 singles or doubles titles. While under his watchful eye Lisa Raymond and Rene Stubbs ended 2000 as the #1 doubles team in the world and Kimberly Po ended that year as #6 on the WTA Tour Doubles Ranking and reached a singles ranking of #14 in the world. Lisa Raymond also ended that year ranked #13 on the WTA singles ranking and was in the top 3 in the world while traveling with Oliver. During his time on the road some of his other clients have been Mary Pierce, Nicole Pratt (whose singles ranking went from #96 to #41 in 4 months and Erica Delone. On the US National junior front he has helped Ena Shibahara and Ryan Peus reach the #1 spot in the US in their age group.

Oliver is not only known for his tennis passion but also for the care he shows towards his clients. He enjoys becoming completely engrossed and involved with the process each person will go through. Through his experience as the #1 ranked Junior in South Africa, as a NCAA Division 1 player and playing on the ATP Tour events Oliver brings his personal experience to guide all his players to benefit and achieve ultimate success. He is a graduate of the University of Louisville, Kentucky and a recipient of the Arthur Ashe Collegiate Sportsmanship Award. Oliver and his TENNISPOWER TEAM impact and guide many of the top US juniors to help them achieve their goals and prepare them for the WTA and ATP Tour or NCAA Division 1 Tennis.